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The National Cancer Institute estimates that in the United States, 22,220 new cases of gastric cancer and 18,170 new cases of esophageal cancer will be diagnosed, and more than 26,440 Americans will die from these diseases in 2014.  Yet, combined these diseases receive less than 1.5% of federal funding for cancer research.  Our mission is to help fund research in an area that is severely under served by government dollars.  Proceeds from events benefit The Mary W. Blazer Fund for Gastroesophageal Cancer Research at The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.


At the Mary  W. Blazer Fund, our goal is to provide hope in an area of cancer research that gets less than 2% of available federal funding for research. That's right!  COMBINED, gastric and esophageal cancers get ~ 1.5% of available federal funding

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of monies raised will go to research and support of this federally underserved disease and the patients who are victim to it. Our focus lies on funding projects for the treatment of gastric and esophageal cancers at The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital & Richard Solove Research Institute at The Ohio State University.  Every person working for this fund does so on a volunteer basis, such that every dollar raised go to research aimed at ending this terrible disease and supportive care endeavors for those suffering with it, today.




The Mary Blazer Fund lost a good friend, Zachary Reed Streeter, on

March 12, 2016, who at the age of 31 passed after a long battle with cancer. Our hearts go out to his wife and family. We will host an event this year in his name in support of those coping with gastric and esophageal cancer. Click the link above to read more about Zach.

Our mission:

Provide the funding for research that will eventually find a cure for gastric and esophageal cancer